About Us


The Washington Contract Firefighters Association (WCFA) was started in 1998 as a way to fulfill training requirements set forth by the Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group (PNWCG). It is composed of private business owners providing emergency fire suppression services to government agencies. We have limited our membership to businesses in or immediately adjoining Washington State. Our member businesses have many years of wildland firefighting experience and some are current or former members of federal, state, county or municipal fire agencies.


Our primary focus is on providing the training necessary to assuring a safe, professional firefighting force. We are authorized to conduct training up to the level of engine boss (NWCG 200 level).  Through our database we issue and manage interagency incident qualification cards (red cards). We also now offer Personnel Records Inspecting.  The association management meets directly with the agency representatives responsible for developing training and equipment standards for contract wildland firefighting. We meet directly with the heads of the Department of Natural Resources, resource protection, and the State Fire Marshal’s office.


There is currently no requirement to join any association. We do however provide low cost training and records inspecting that will help you meet contract requirements. Our extensive database provides an invaluable tool to manage your employees, print cards and get your records inspected. We will assist you with allegations of misconduct, contract violations or inspection problems.


We will provide discounted training that meets or exceeds the regional contract requirements for Annual Safety Refresher RT-130, Firefighter 2, S-130/S-190/L-180, Advanced Firefighter S-131 (Look up Look Down S-133 is included in S-131 as of 2016), Crew Boss S-230, Fire Operations in the Wildlands/Urban Interface S-215 and a
Saw class S-212. We also offer an Intermediate Fire Behavior Class S-290. A certificate will be issued to
students upon successfully passing their classes
. As an employer you have access to our comprehensive database where you can manage your employees and all their training records to meet contract requirements.  You will receive e-mails that will advise you about contract postings and issues. We will inform you about meeting results with agency representatives. We will assist you with any disputes you have with agency personnel, whether on an incident or at home. We will provide increased pressure on agency personnel to reduce the number of untrained, poorly equipped local use (EERA) providers. We will have periodic meetings where you can provide input on issues you feel are important and vote for the people that you feel will best represent the advancement of private firefighting. We also provide informational seminars annually to help improve your business.  Member businesses will be able to assist you in finding low cost clothing and equipment vendors or used equipment.


Simply fill out an application for membership and return it with your first dues payment. You will be entitled to all member privileges upon receipt of application and payment. Our bylaws require that new members be approved by a majority vote at our next meeting. Attendance at this meeting is required.  You will present your company and express your interest in joining the WCFA.  We do this to assure that only high quality, professional businesses become members.  If for some reason your membership is not approved at this meeting, your benefits will end.  New members are on probation for one year and reviewed at that time to finalize their membership.


Click here for our membership application or contact our Secretary, Danielle Sims at dsimswcfa@yahoo.com.