Online Training

While online training has become an option we encourage you to take classes in person when ever possible. You will get a much deeper and rewarding learning experience in the classroom.

Visit the NWCG Online Training Catalog – Search for the class you want and then choose (Self-Direct Delivery)

For FFT2 you need to take: (All these classes are available on our class calendar) Online Training: (use above link)
S-190, L-180 &
S-130 Blended (a copy of this completed certificate is required for admission into the S-130 Blended Field Day). After completion of the S-130 Blended, you must enroll in an 8 hour Field Day to compete the training. (see our class calendar for class schedule).

For ENGB you can take S-290 online:
(a copy of S-290 certificate is required for admission into the S-230 class)
Online Training: (use above link)

FEMA Online Training
For FFT2 you must take:

For ENGB you must take: IS-200.c

You must be qualified as a FFT1 before you can take the S-230 class.  We do not provide the S-230 online classroom portion.  The class is too expense and tends to be overly complicated for most users.)