Training Policy



Please be sure to read the class course description for details about the class.  Date and location changes may occur, so please check back before the class starts for updates.  Also course requirements and items needed for the class will be listed.


  • Payments are due within 48 hours of adding a student to a class roster.
  • If the payment is not received within the 48 hours the student’s name will be dropped from the roster.



  • The member rate applies only to members making payments, not their employees. 
  • Members and Non-members alike pay using either the “Member Payment” or “Non-Member Payment” link on the WCFA website.
  • Please contact the secretary to make arrangements if you are unable to meet these guidelines.



  • All classes can be cancelled 7 or more days before the class for a full refund.
  • If cancelled 6 days or less before a class, a fee of $5.00 will be retained for processing refunds. If a food fee was imposed it may or may not be refunded. It depends on if food has been purchased yet.
  • If a class is not cancelled and the student is a “No Show” (except for extreme circumstances) no refund will be given.   
  • Cancellations must be made with the WCFA Secretary. (Call, text or email)
  • WCFA may cancel any class if the minimum enrollment for that class has not been met by the cancellation deadline. 
  • If the class is cancelled the WCFA, at their discretion, can offer the class to those signed up to see if they would be willing to split the actual cost of the class.  If all agree the class fee would be adjusted and the class would be held. 

Minimum Enrollment:

  • 10 for all classes.


 Other Information:

  • In unique situations where classes are not reasonably available they may be scheduled with the Training Coordinator.  The requesting member will pay fees for the class that will at minimum break-even for the WCFA and their expenses for the class.   
  • The WCFA does not conduct fitness tests or initiate task books.  It is the responsibility of the employer. If a task book is needed for a class, please print one and send it with your student to the class. Fitness test forms and taskbooks are available on this website under Member Resources. 

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