Personnel Records Verification


What records will be verified this year VIPR Agreements

· Engine Personnel

· Fallers

Note: On Fallers we are NOT verifying level of faller qualification, only verifying that they have had the Basic Firefighter Course and if appropriate the RT130 this year if the Basic Firefighter Course was taken in a previous year, and that they have a current pack test for the year.

Please check the following before you send your records in for review:

1. Please be sure all the training is entered into the database, i.e. IS-700 and IS-100 certs.

2. Please be sure the qualification date for FFT2/FALLER is the last day of the FFT2 class or the latest date of required training needed for that qualification.  The qualification date for FFT1 and ENGB is the date the taskbook is signed off, or the latest date of required training needed for that qualification.
3. Please don’t make your cards until you have the correct qualification date in the training record.  The only qualifications that I am verifying is FFT2, FFT1, ENGB and FALLER.  You can put FFT1-TRN and ENGB-TRN qualifications on your cards if appropriate.

4. The expiration date for the qualification is 5 years from the qualification date.

5. If you are moving a FFT2 from yellow to red please send one shift ticket to prove their experience.

6. For returning firefighters please only send pack test and RT130 cert IF NOT A WCFA CLASS.
7. You only need to send one pack test if everyone being reviewed is on it.

8. For promoting firefighters please send complete taskbook, and shift tickets that support the taskbook, and training certs IF NOT A WCFA CLASS.

9. For new FFT2 please remember to send their driver’s license with other items needed for FFT2.

10. Send a payment with your submissions so I can complete the record review and not have to go back in when I get the payment or ask for the payment.

the cards are made)
12. It’s ok if you have some red X’s in your employee’s record when you submit them as long as you turned in hard copies for the record.

What is our Fee Schedule and Payment Process for 2019?

Payment must be made online before inspections will be completed.

WCFA Member’s Utilizing Database (minimal hard copies) Submission: $10.00 per employee
WCFA Member’s Utilizing Hard Copy Only Submission: $15.00 per employee
WCFA Member 2nd Employer Verification: $5.00
Member’s login to the website to pay on our Members Payment page

Non-Member Submission:$20.00 per employee

Cards can be made for an additional $5.00
Non-Member’s can click on the Non-Members Payment Page on our website.

How do I submit my records?

Ø You may submit your records electronically to or via via USPS, or Fax directly to 509-352-9736. If emailing PDF format is preferred.

Ø You may schedule an appointment to bring your hard COPIES (not originals) to Danielle. If you bring originals that need copied you will pay an extra fee for copies and Danielle’s time.

Be sure you submit your records for review in the database prior to sending your paperwork to Danielle.  Also be sure to create new cards and update the database with any new information that will be needed in the inspection process.

If you have any questions please contact Danielle Sims at:

WCFA, PO Box 919, Twisp, WA.  98856

Phone: 425-239-6613 – Fax: 509-352-9736