Personnel Records Verification


Before you send us your records it is essential that you check to be sure you have all the required documentation needed to verify the position.  If you are missing any records your submission will be delayed and you will be required to pay the appropriate submission fee again.

WCFA Member’s Utilizing Database (minimal hard copies) Submission: $10.00 per employee
WCFA Member’s Utilizing Hard Copy Only Submission: $15.00 per employee
WCFA Member Card and 2nd Employer Verification: $5 per employee
(Member’s login to the website to pay on our Members Payment page)

Non-Member Submmission: $20.00 per employee Non-Member’s can Pay or click Here the Payment Page on our home page. 

We can make cards for you at an additional $5 fee.

If you are interested in membership to take advantage of our lower rates, please click HERE.