Board Meeting Minutes 5/6/17

WCFA Board Meeting – Wenatchee

Saturday May 6, 2017


Meeting was called to order at 1100 by President, Kevin Curfman.  Todd Graves, Shayne Poland, Danielle Sims and guest, Jack Biss.

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Treasures report was reviewed.  Account balances: PayPal un-deposited funds: $2,269, Checking $35,298, Savings $45,022 for a grand total of $82,589.  Motion to pass, Shayne Poland, 2nd Todd Graves.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Danielle shared information about the Colville Tribal College closing and them calling us to see if we could provide training.  Danielle feels it would be an opportunity to capture that area since we now have an instructor near there.  Todd said he would like us to send new instructors and possibly current instructors to a “Train the Trainer” class at the WCFA’s expense.  Danielle will look into this possibly over the winter season.  Todd also asked if it would be worthwhile to offer other, non-suppression, type classes.  Kevin will ask the membership at the general meeting.  An alternative would be to make training videos for our website.  Danielle has already bought a headset/microphone to try this out.  Motion to pursue this by Shayne, second Todd.

The WCFA will continue to pursue PAC activities.  Kevin and Todd are going to the Fire Chief’s Conf. later this month.  Kevin shared his ideas for his presentation.  Todd shared about his time there last year.

All 2016 new members have passed their probation and will be accepted into full membership.  Three member companies did not renew this year (Darrel Parton Trucking, Duke’s Equip, Palm Const).  Former member White Logging did not pay their dues and was dropped from membership.  Todd and Shayne had a lengthy discussion about cross carding and who owns or controls the employee’s records in the database.  It was tabled for a later discussion.  Todd would like to have cross-carding limited to 3 employers.

One new member, A&E Tree Removal will be voted on at the general meeting.

Firefighter memorial that we donated to last year is in place in the Winthrop park.

New Business

Election of officers will be presented at the general meeting.  See those minutes for officers up for renewal/election.

2016 problems or suggestions: Kevin suggested that we make our own status list within the association.   Danielle said that there were some issues with WCFT validity.  Discussion on how we might get verification.  Danielle was able to get proof that it was submitted the forest service.  Kevin suggested that we continue to use that method.

Todd suggested that we offer our services to the Forest Service to monitor, randomly, WCFT to improve our relationship with the FS.  After much discussion the board members present thought we could do this as a quality control within the association without involving the FS.  Tabled for later.

Ok to pay Kevin for his services this year.  Todd suggested a raise from $5000 – $6000.  Also to pay Community Covenant Church $300 per year without re-approval and to pay $600 now for 2016 and 2017.  Kevin called Dave Rains for a vote and he said ya.  Danielle called Saul Labanauskas for a vote and he said ya.  All approved.  The guest speaker and the catering were also approved at an approximate amount of $1,650.

Do we want to continue to have fall meeting.  Todd and Shayne both said yes and it is in our by-laws.

Meeting adjourned at 1255.


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