Training Committee Minutes 5/14/16

Training Committee Meeting
May 14, 2016

Do our instructors need the M-410 or equivalent per our by-laws?
FMCG doesn’t not require 100 level instructors to have any formal training. At the
5/21/11 TC Meeting it was noted that instructors should have the M-410 or equivalent.
At the 1/20/12 meeting the TC asked that the bylaws be changed. Board will review the
WCFA’s policy.

Clarification or (miss-information the first time). We can teach the I-100 in the
classroom but we have to use the IS-100b curriculum from the FEMA website. The
committee decided to keep it the same as we are doing. Students should take the IS-
100.b and IS-700a online before the class.

Shared that there was a change this year in online training not needing a course
administrator. No action needed.

Noted that I-100 is part of the S-130 course & L-180 included in S-130. The Boise
training center said that starting next year the L-180 will be taught separately so the
way we’ve been doing it all along with the separate L-180 workbook is going to be the
new standard. The L-180 is not included in the S-130 online version. Next year a new
version of S-130 will be coming out.

From November 2015 Meeting
a. Todd to bring extra hard hats for FFT2 classes? Todd doesn’t have them anymore.
b. Anyone using the online S-130 field day guide? All were to review by February 28th
and get back to me. No one has been using it but still consider it valuable.
c. L-180 included in the S-130 online as before? (See above)
d. Online training and field day standards. Instructors will have to be firmer and not
let students pass that don’t know required tasks.
e. Insurance needed for bus trips to 30 mile? Insurance would have to be carried by
the owner of the bus.

Meeting adjourned at 1100 hours.

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