Board Meeting Minutes 12 9 17

WCFA Online Board Meeting

December 9, 2017

Meeting called to order: 1015 by Kevin Curfman; Danielle Sims, Todd Graves, Dave Rains, Reed Gracie in attendance.

Minutes from the last meeting had been read by all in advance of the meeting.  Motion to accept the minutes as read, Todd Graves, 2nd Dave Rains, motion passed.

Treasures report was reviewed.  Bank Accounts: WCFA PayPal 54.08, Wells Fargo – Checking 13,809.76, Wells Fargo – Savings 45,031.32 = Total of: 58,895.16.  Total Income $ 74,398.90, Total Expenses

$ 74,921.54 = <$ 522.64>; Finishing the year in the red.  We have a few outstanding debts to be paid;  $600 for Danielle’s time Oct – Dec. Database and website $2000.  Motion to accept Treasures Report, Todd Graves, 2nd Dave Rains, motion passed.

Danielle shared some ideas for the upcoming season in regards to the RT-130 and fees for classes.  In light of our deficit this year she suggested that we raise the Field Day to $80 from $60 and that a copy of the S-130 class certificate be taken to the field day and that the instructor would verify that the class had been taken prior to the Field Day.  Last season two employees took the Field Day prior to taking the S-130 online.  Motion to accept by Todd Graves, 2nd by Dave Rains, motion passed.

It was also suggested that we reinstate the $5 cross-card fee for inspections.  It takes nearly as much time as a returning inspection.  This two will improve our deficit.  Motion to accept by Todd Graves, 2nd by Reed, motion passed.

One other suggestion to improve our deficit would be to raise the RT-130 from $30 to $35 for members and from $60 to $65 for non-members.  Motion to accept by Dave Rains, 2nd by Todd Graves, motion passed.

The last suggestion was to raise the dues.  All decided to see how the other changes affected our cash flow.  Todd asked if Kevin and Danielle had been given a bonus this year.  No.  Todd Grave motioned to give us bonuses, Dave Rains seconded, motion passed.  $250 each will be paid immediately.

Danielle also shared that the Omak Camus of Wenatchee Valley College was going to be offering Wildfire classes.  Todd felt strongly that we should talk to the instructor and get involved with this training.  The State of Washington gave the college $157,000.00 to fund this program to provide awareness and training in Okanogan County.  I guess no one told them about us.

Review topics for next season’s refresher.  Suggest having a 4 hour refresher to be more standardized.  The Forest Service has 4 hour minimum in the contract.  Fire Departments are using 4 or fewer hours because the FMCG says “Agency Determined” for the length and since they are not under Forest Service contract they choose whatever they like and say that they are in compliance with the PNWCG Standards.  We decided on a 5 hour refresher.  Motion to accept by Dave Rains, 2nd by Todd Graves, motion passed.

Dave asked about putting on a pump class.  Sounds like a good deal.  We will offer it and see if we get enough interest.


Political Action Committee:

Kevin shared information on his involvement with the Fire Chief’s convention.  Decided that over the last two year the expense has just not been worth the headway and we will refocus our time and money elsewhere.  Kevin and Todd are planning to meet with the Fire Marshall.

Follow up from media coverage from this summer.  Todd said he was asked to be interviewed by the Wenatchee World but they never got back to him.  Reed said that the DNR was using Districts for Pre-Positioning. They will only use contracts if State Mob is unavailable.  Reed encouraged Kevin and Todd to follow up on this.  They plan to meet with the DNR too.

Kevin apologized that he missed the Association Meeting with the PNWCG.  We reviewed the questions that they asked and Kevin will send them to Katie Mergel.

Todd wanted to know if there was a way to track member’s resources in our database so the government and other members would know where they are.  Kevin said that this is already available in ROSS.  Looking for way to improve dispatch with State Mob.  Much discussion followed, decided to table for now.

New Business:

Discussed Canyon Creek Fire in Carlton missed dispatches.  More discussion about dispatch and the process.  Also discussed ROSS.  Some have had their status change from National to Local without knowing how.  Discussed Cascade Water Tender Refer incident.  The refer passed inspection and then he was hassled and treated badly at a fire.

We discussed the Canyon Creek Fire in Carlton using the info that Saul had submitted.  Kevin would like to gather as much info as possible and present it to the Fire Marshall.

Kevin said that he would like to see us get our Facebook up and going.  We could use it for awareness.  Could also be a tool with what Todd had said that would let us know where are members are dispatched to.  Danielle suggested adding a section in the refresher about our FB page.

Reed asked if there was a way to change the 4 hour travel time to get status as available.  The fire is the only one who can release you on the time they choose.  Todd says you have to call the fire to get released if they don’t do it.  Just have to keep on it.  Kevin feels that it has improved but still needs work.

Kevin gave some suggestions for the spring seminars.

We reviewed how well the online meeting went and everyone felt it was doable.   We will buy the package for $20 per month for up to 8 people.

Danielle asked if she could look into having Pinetooth Press make a design for our hoodies instead of the prefab ones that she makes online.  All approved.

Meeting Adjourned at 1345



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