WCFA General Meeting – Wenatchee – 5/18/19 – 1600 hrs.

Meeting was called to order at 1615 hours, 16 member companies plus guests, total of 23 in attendance.  Those that came early got to enjoy a great potluck and the informational seminars prior to the meeting.  Thank you to Will Judkins for cooking all the burgers and to everyone who brought food.

Minutes from the last meeting were read.  Motion to approve the minutes by Greg Bailey, seconded by John Schalo, all approved.

Treasurers’ report was given YTD, Jan-Apr 2019.   We have taken in $57,540 of income and have $25,100 of expenses with a net profit of $32,439.  Bank account balances are: Checking: $42,685, Savings: $60,052.  PayPal un-deposited funds are $7,448.  Total cash on hand is $110,186. Motion to accept the report by Greg Bailey, seconded by Phil Remsberg, all approved.

Old Business:

Training committee report was given from earlier meeting.  Board approved a raise for instructors from $22 to $25/hr. effective today.  Add to the course description for RT-130 to include the core objective as outlined in the FMCG 901-1.  Also add a statement that shelter deployment is required to pass the course.  A check list for instructors to present at the beginning of class will include this directive and elevate pressure on instructors for those students who are unwilling to participate in the deployment.  The TC also discussed bringing hard hats and gloves to use in the deployment exercise.  This has been a requirement that we have not been enforcing.  The TC is still trying to work out how to implement this.  Those students with injuries or surgeries will be able to get a certificate when they recover and prove in person or via video that they have deployed properly.  No deployment, no certificate.

The Training Policy has been revised and some important changes were made.  Most notably is class payments must be received by noon the day before the class or the student will be dropped to allow for wait list students to get in.  A field will be added to the class roster that will say “Dropped”.  The Member Company may contact the Training Coordinator after the deadline, and if the class is not full, the decision can be reversed with prompt class payment. 

The TC recommends a guideline to the board for how private classes are taught by WCFA instructors.  We are asking the membership today if they agree that instructors be required to teach at least one public class for the WCFA to teach private classes for their own company.  Motion to accept this guideline by Jake Burkhart, seconded by Greg Bailey, all approved.

Political Action Committee

Kevin Curfman has been in contact with the Fire Defense Committee to work on increasing private involvement in State Mobilization.  Todd Grave and Kevin are going to a face to face with the committee next week.  This is a positive step forward.


Kevin reminded members about our Facebook page and encourage them to use it.

Database Update

Kevin explained how the updates have improved the website.  A member asked about changing the button to add employees who are associated with other companies, wondering if it could be simplified.  Much discussion followed.  We will work on the wording for the button.

No other old business

New Business

Election of officers

VP Todd Graves, EB#2 Saul Labanauskas and EB #5 Dave Rains are all up for renewal.  Reed Gracie nominated Todd, seconded by Tim Logozzo, all approved.  Todd nominated Saul, seconded by Greg Bailey, all approved.  Jake Burkhart nominated Dave, Reed seconded, all approved.

Three new members from last year were review by the board and have all passed their one year probation and are now full members.

New members were presented.  Letters were read for three absent companies, each we’re approved.  Four companies were present and presented themselves and were excused for a discussion by the membership.  All were approved.  Four companies did not renew membership this year.  Two applications were tabled because no contact was made prior to or at the meeting.

Other New Business

Kevin was paid for his services at $6250 a $250 raise from last year.  The board approved a pay raise for Danielle Sims to provide her with a minimum of $600 per month since her pays falls off during the slow months. This is to provide her with some income since she is unable to find employment in her field that would allow her to be available when we need her during the busy months.

Kevin was contacted by Eddie Write at Bates Technical College about partnering with them to help get new firefighters they train into the workforce.

A member shared that he was undergoing a Federal L&I audit.  Discussion followed.  Kevin reminded the membership that his US Dept of Labor audit story is posted on our website on the members resource page.

Fall meeting date is TBD.

Adjourn at 1745 hours

Door prizes were drawn – Great day!

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